Dr. Rashel Rose Oil Nutritious Vitality Glow Restoring Serum
40g Benefits : This powerful facial serum - a natural blend of rosehip and vitamin e oils - moisturizes and repairs the skin for a younger more vibrant look. Rosehip oil provides anti-aging effects by promoting skin cell renewal, lightening...
R 105.00 R 89.00
R 199.00 R 115.00
Dr. Rashel Rose Oil Nutritious Vitality Glow Eye Gel Cream
30g Benefits : A deeply hydrating eye treatment features a cooling gel-cream texture that dissolves rapidly into skin helps immediately refresh tired-looking eyes. Contains natural rose extract that packed with natural beauty essentials like anti-inflammatory fatty acids and Vitamin C...
R 199.00 R 115.00
R 99.00 R 75.00
Dr. Rashel Rose Soothing Gel 99%
300g Benefits : This is a versatile rose gel with calming moisturizing and whitening effect. Apply to the skin, immediately make your skin supple and translucent. It effectively soothes and treats skin problems, making your skin look younger and more...
R 99.00 R 75.00
Dr. Rashel Rose Oil Nutritious Vitality Glow Essence Gel Cream
50g Benefits : Face gel cream contains pure natural rose water and rose oil, gently cares for the skin, makes the skin moisturized and radiant. Suitable for the treatment of stressed, irritated, dull and aging skin. Stabilizes cell walls, strengthens...
R 135.00 R 105.00
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